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Online Therapy

For some people, online therapy is the perfect option.  Easy online access, brief solution focused sessions, and no insurance hassles.  

If this sounds like the right fit for you, look into our online therapy options.

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Traditional in-office therapy is not always the right fit for every person.  More and more people are choosing to focus on their goals and well being using Online Therapy.  This can include video sessions, chat options, and voice sessions.  
With the online therapy option you would have 45 minute sessions scheduled online with your therapist.  You pick the frequency of sessions from weekly, biweekly, and monthly options.  You would pay a regular monthly fee based on the amount of sessions you prefer.  

*To keep this simple and easy billing process the client agrees that sessions are not billed to insurance.  For client's who wish to use insurance with telehealth option, fee structure follows traditional therapy fees.

Online Therapy Options



Meet for weekly 45 minute sessions with your therapist to go over your goals and the skills you need to reach them.

This package comes out to $240 per month.



Meet for a 45 minute session with your therapist every other week.  Check in on your goals and discuss which skills can help you along the way.

This package comes out to $120 per month



Check in for your monthly 45 minute session with your therapist to review your progress and go over any setbacks that may have happened along the way.

This package comes out to $60 a month.

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