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I work with clients to cope and manage neurodivergence using several approaches.  Each person is unique and the road to improvement will look different for every client.  I look forward to helping you find your path.


I am trained in several relational therapy approaches.  I use skills such as the Gottman approach and Murray Bowen's skills to create a relationship that supports one another while promoting individual health and clear communication. I also work with Couples using the FairPlay system as a FairPlay Facilitator. 


I help individuals who have made the decision to work on self growth and change patterns in their lives.  If you are seeking to meet personal goals, improve how you communicate, or change how you approach relationships therapy can be the first step.


I believe in families where every member is valued and individually appreciated.  I incorporate communication, unconditional positive regard, and healthy boundaries to help each member value one another in new healthy ways.


I work with clients to deal with stress and trauma using different approaches.  With incorporation of DBT and EMDR approaches as well as mindfulness I find that I can tailor an approach that gives the client a way to deal with stress and trauma with customized skills.


I love to work with parents to learn ways to engage with their children.  With healthy views on emotional expression, communication, and approaches that reduce the power struggle. 

Service Options

Find therapy options below:

Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy services

FairPlay Facilitator

Learning and integrating Fairplay Strategies.

Online Therapy

Online therapy options

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